Editable Table Error

Hi community!

I've been encountering this error since morning whenever I try to add a new record/item in an Editable table. We have this editable table ever since we started the project and this is the only time that we encounter this error and only in this screen/page. Please see attached image.

Is it a conflict with another object/widget?


Kind regards,


Hello Louise

The error happens very likely because the element at position 'index' is not found, and than you are trying to use a function of an undefined object.

I can't tell you why, as I never had this problem.

But in order to solve, first thing is to compare this page with a previous working version, to see what you changed that break the page.

If removing the offender (including added/changed CSS, code, etc) does not solve the problem, a possibility is to create a new page, copy the UI and logic and see if it is a problem in the page code itself that become corrupted somehow (I had this experience before, twice).

As this happens only in this screen (as in you have more screens with editable tables), it's less probable being something else.


Hi Eduardo,

Thank you so much for the response. :)

I copy/paste my working older version from our test environment and I was surprised that it didn't work this time in development env. Instead, I deleted the editable table and redid everything. It became okay after that, but after a few test, it became like this again. 

I will try to track the cause  when I have extra time. But for now the only way to remove the error is to delete it and build it again. OTL

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