Bidirectional connectivity between environment and LifeTime

I have a question about the requirement of LifeTime's network infrastructures described in the page below:

Why the reachability from the environment's front-end to LifeTime's front-end is needed?

The second row of the chart indicates that LifeTime's front-end has to be reachable from the environment's front-end.
This means that the LifeTime server needs a global IP address, when the development environment server placed on cloud for the develpers to develop from their homes, and the production and the LifeTime server placed on premise.

I thought that firewall settings from LifeTime to environment would be the same as settings from web browser to web servers. For the browsers on premise, no global IP addresses are needed but browsers can receive data from global web servers. Requests from the browsers establish connections and web servers return data via these connections. The relations between LifeTime and environment is the same, isn't it?

Hello Takasi,

Afaik, when using lifetime, the environments also need to reach it, than the requirement for a bidirectional communication.

Regarding the Global IP requirement when there are environments in the cloud, the reason is that anything the is not in the same network will have to use web to communicate. 

When your lifetime is in an on premises environment and dev is in the cloud, the lifetime will need a global IP to be visible outside its own network, or DNSs will not be able to resolve its address, because anyone trying to reach it will not know where it is.

Communication with a dynamic IP works only when is the machine with the dynamic IP (the actual), starts the communication.

Others may know differently or with more details, thou...


Hello Eduardo,

Thank you for responding and I apologize for my late responding.
I understand that the page I linked above means that you wrote.

Now I want to know why does the environment need to send requests to the LifeTime.
What does the environment's host require to LifeTime's server?

A staff of my company who are trying to expand sales of OutSystems asked me about it.
And I can't answer his question clearly.

On the security standpoint, many our customers want to restrict number of open ports for hosts on premise as much as possible .

Does anyone help me?


Hi Takasi,

Each environment needs to be able to initiate communication with LifeTime in order to synchronise it's state when a publish happens, so that LifeTime always has an up-to-date view of the whole infrastructure (set of Environments it manages).

On the other hand LifeTime needs to initiate communication with each environment so it can orchestrate deployments between environments.

As far as I recall, all communications are done through standard HTTP/S web service calls.

When in a hybrid scenario, with some environments on the cloud and others on premises, many organisations rely on a VPN to make the cloud environment access resources of their intranet... in your case that would mean that LifeTime wouldn't need to be visible to the outside world as the DEV environment would be on your network. 


Hello Jorge,

Thank you for responding.
Your explanation is helpful and very clearly for me.