if statement when adding a new record


Need an easy answer.

On a typical add and edit form I want to run an if statement on the screen action that recognises if the action is adding a new record. This will then allow me to put some additional logic for when a new record is created, opposed to just editing an existing record.

Within the if statement I have tried the following to capture if it is going to add a new record, of which none of them execute the True state:

ProfileNameId = NullIdentifier()

GetProfileNameById.List.Current.ProfileName.Id = NullIdentifier()


ProfileNameForm.Record.ProfileName.Id = NullIdentifier()

Where ProfileName is the entity name being pulled into the form.

What should my if statement logic be using?





Please provide your oml,

but afaik the most easiest way is to check something like this

(out of my head)

<nameOfTheForm>.record.<entity>.Id  = nullidentifier()

that said, imho the specific logic should be in a wrapper of the createorupdate.

so you have 1 place where you do that stuff


Hello Hamish,

In normal circunstances, ALL the four ways you tried should work for a NORMAL Detail Screen, when you call it passing NullIdentifier() for the Input Parameter on requesting the page.

So, I would say that PROBABLY, the problem is that you are NOT passing a NullIdentifier() to the input parameter of the screen when calling it to create a NEW record...


Thank you....returned my if logic back to the record and re-validated it all. Now working.