Unable to add value to local variable


I am very new to using outsystems. I am facing a problem with assigning value to my variable. Basically my program design allows user to register for courses. When i run my program, upon click of the register, the counts are increased but the courses are not displayed on the table (webscreen). 

after reading deep into forums i understood that i have to assign value to my variable (variable is currently defined to the entity created to store the registered course titles). name of the entity is trainingdata

The problem i am facing is the assign function is not allowing me to define the value, as it says trainingdata type required instead of text.

it really looks like a simple issue to solve, but i am stuck at this for a very long time. Unable to crack it. Hope someone can help me on this. Thanks

Hi Vinod,

I will try to be as polite as possible, but if you can't see what you are doing wrong in this situation you really should stop and check the outsystems learn section. You have the best tutorials, exercises, videos, deep explanations and by the end of each lesson one big challenge. 

You cannot assign a string to an Entity Type. You need to create one TrainingData variable (your entity type) and for each attribute assign the correct value.

Best of luck,

Diogo Romero