Error when deploying module from .net to java stack

I'm trying to move module from net stack to java stack. On net it works fine but publishing on java stack giving me this error

Any idea?

Both Java and Net stack is version 10.0.709.0 

Many Thanks


You have a string (or more than one) that has characters the Java compiler do not understand. Possibly in a script.

Take a look here.


Hi Eduardo Jauch, purely on javascript or possible on css too?

JavaScript and Strings in Code/UI, yes, not sure if the compiler look to CSS thou. it even possible to move net stack app to java stack?


Hi Eric,

In most cases, this isn't even "a thing"... your applications are mostly agnostic to what stack you're developing them on.

There are two main exceptions to this:

  • If you are using extensions (they need to have an implementation for the stack you're targeting)
  • if you are using a specific SQL dialect (SQL Server is not supported on the Java stack) - using standard SQL is no problem.

Other than that, the only obvious consideration you would need to have is if you are manipulating URLs directly, since your WebScreens will have different extensions depending on the stack (.aspx vs .jsp, and if I'm not mistaken, URLs on the Java stack are case sensitive (unlike on the .NET stack)


Thanks for the pointer