Content Provider and Resolver

Is it possible to create 2 apps and comonicate between the 2 of them with a pair of content resolver - content provider?
What i mean by this is the first app sends a request to the second one  using a content resolver, then this second app processes and replies to that request using a content provider in backgroung, in order for this process to be transparent to the user.

Best regards,
Francisco Freire

Hi Francisco.

It is a "mobile app"? Andorid or iOS?
For Android you can use this component:
It uses the intents.

For iOS this component does not do "calling / answering". 

Eduardo Jauch

Hello Eduardo,
Thank you for the reply. at first is just for android.
I will test that plugin now bust just a quick question, will it lauch the app "on the screen" or will it just request info from that app on background?.

Best regards,
Francisco Freire.


If the other application is a "normal" application, it will be launched as if you had oppened it. If it will be visible or will work in background will depend of the application being launched (I think there is a plugin to make the application work in background).

Eduardo Jauch