Error when trying to consume Exchange SOAP Web Service

Error when trying to consume Exchange SOAP Web Service



I'm trying to consume an SOAP Web Services exposed by our on-premise Exchange Server.

First, I tried to open the web service from it's URL, but it needs Basic Auth and this does not work in OutSystems. I tried to pass the username and password in the URL in username:password format, but it always return with an Not Authorized error.

Second, I saved the WSDL locally together with an types.xsd and messages.xsd files that it needs. When I try to consume the local file I get the error WSDL Load Error. No service descriptions found. It works when I use other tools, like SoapUI.

I've attached the WSDL and XSD files so you can try to consume it in an eSpace. Why is Service Studio unable to open that WSDL?

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Eduardo Jauch wrote:

Hi Liviu,

This does not solve your problem?

Eduardo Jauch


That's the article that I've read. It says to save it locally, which I did, then try to consume it. But I get No Service Descriptions Found. It works in other tools, like Soap UI.


I think it has something to do with your WSDL linking to the messages.xsd and the messages.xsd linking to the types.xsd. 

Making a local copy of the WSDL and importing that is the way to go. But i'm not sure if you can have 3 files linked to each other. 

see also an other post:

Thanks, unfortunately I've read that post also. I've saved types.xsd and messages.xsd locally as well. The main wsdl points to them correctly, I think. The files are in the attached archive.

Thanks for your help

I've just tested something: I've removed the lines that import the messages.xsd and types.xsd files and removed the files from the file system. I stil get the No Service Descriptions found error.

Does anyone have any idea about what's wrong with the structure of the Services.wsdl file?