Usability of input parameter in aggregate


I would like to know if you experience the same issue, and is this something to be improved in platform?

The problem is, when using an input parameter that comes from the screen on aggregate condition clauses, we do not see it in the scope under folder 'Widgets' (see picture 1). However, when changing the name of the input parameter of the screen, then it appears in the scope under folder 'Locals' (picture 2).

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


Hi awesome Marco!

I read your post but I didn't understand what you've done and what happened. Can you record a gif?



Hi Marco,

The Static Entity NewsCategory is hiding the Input Parameter NewsCategory.

When you change the name of the Input Parameter to something else it no longer clashes with the Static Entity's name and as such is displayed as a Locals variable.


Hello Marco,

Web Screen and Screen Actions input parameters will always appear under the folder Locals, in the expression editor.

Never saw differently...

Under the folder widgets you will see widgets properties and variables, like Valid, ValidationMessage, Etc.


Thanks for the feedback Eduardo, Jorge and António.

Jorge Martins, seems that you have also experienced this behavior, and your explanation seems correct.

António, this happens sometimes (maybe due to a name clashing), we do not see some inputs when they have the same name as some entity records attributes. In case I again see this happening I'll provide more insights about it!

Hi Marco,

This is common behaviour in almost any programming language... if you define a variable in a scope with the same name as a variable in an outer scope, it will hide/shadow it. In this case, the "variable" in the inner scope is implicit, representing the entity record in a particular row, that's all...

And like Eduardo mentions, Input/Output Parameters and Local Variables always show up in the Locals folder, as well as the Output Parameters from any query or action.