Outsystems Express Edition

Outsystems Express Edition

Has the Express Edition been discontinued? All the links to it seem to be missing and http://express.outsystems.com url is now redirected to the home corporate site.
Hi André,

We have in fact discontinued the Express Edition trial program which was based on the 4.1 version of the Agile Platform.

This was a planned event, and was needed to allows us to prepare an exciting new launch: version 4.2 of the Agile Platform is coming out in November!

As part of this launch, we are going to release a new trial program, that will be available on our website. You can pre-register today for the trial, using the express link or visiting our website!

This new trial will allow you to experience all the new features of the Agile Platform 4.2, that include built-in support for AJAX, built-in support for design-time data definition and data staging, zero downtime deployments, boosted scalability and performance for high traffic web enterprise applications, and increased 1-Click-Publishing speed, just to name a few.

I hope this helped clarify the recent changes that have happened in our websites,

Rodrigo Castelo
Hi, I really need an Express Edition for a customer that needs an application with only one end-user and few SUs. If you dont have it published I feel forced to ask someone for it.

Hi André,

The main purpose of the free Express Edition was to allow prospect customers to try the Agile Platform. In order to better support this task, we created the Agile Platform Trial program, providing an improved experience which we will continue to enhance. With this in mind, the free Express Edition was discontinued.

In the last months we also placed a strong effort in market research to segment the Agile Platform into editions and add-ons that properly fit diverse scenarios and needs of customers. The result was 3 new editions of the Agile Platform:

- Basic Edition: Designed for deployment in small businesses, line-of-business departments, and distributed branch environments, is available on single server systems and is easy to install and configure. Offers a complete application infrastructure that facilitates the delivery of web business applications while taking advantage of the main functionalities of the Agile Platform at a low entry cost.*

- Professional Edition: Suited to the needs of medium-sized businesses, this edition can scale up to operate multiple applications that require a higher level of performance and security. The Professional Edition provides a comprehensive set of functionality without increasing complexity.

- Enterprise Edition: Delivers the industry-leading Agile Platform, providing all the advanced features required to easily manage the most demanding agile application delivery scenarios. This edition includes unlimited scalability and high availability, helping businesses address the IT challenges of growing delivery of web business applications, 24/7.

You may continue to use the old free Express Edition 4.1. However, note that customers using such old version and edition cannot benefit from upgrades and, most important, OutSystems' support and maintenance programs. Such benefits are key to sustain the 24/7 web business applications OutSystems has accustomed customers with, along with our fast response time in case something happens.

Hope this clarifies,

Rodrigo Castelo

* We propose you use this entry-level Basic edition, as it suits your stated needs.