I have a button that trigger pop up.Inside the pop up i have a combo box .By selecting the value in the combo box,system will direct user to different page.For example, i have i have 3 types for user to choose in the combo box. Type A will bring user to Page A, Type B will bring user to Page B, Type C will bring user to Page C.

My question is that the system able to bring user to the particular page but all is inside the pop up.Is it possible to close the pop up and bring user to the particular page without inside the pop up?

Screen 1, is how user select the type

Screen 2 is how the particular page shows out but it is inside the pop up.

Screen below is the how the code is written in the ok button in the pop up page.Does anyone has idea on this ? help!!


Hi Johnson Lim,

I'd first like to argue against that UX, can you please explain why using a Pop Up would be the best way to navigate somewhere else?

That being said, you need to make sure the Source Screen (the one being shown behind the Pop Up) is the one that navigates, not the Target Screen ( the one being shown inside the Pop Up).

To that effect you need to use the Popup_Editor_Notify (passing the option selected from the dropdown as its message), followed by the Popup_Editor_Close (just like you're currently doing) and finishing the flow with a regular End tool. On the Popup_Editor you will now need to provide a Destination screen action for the OnNotify, where you will navigate to Page A, B or C based on the message received (use the NotifyGetMessage action to retrieve it)


Thanks Jorge