The Feedback Message comes only once when the page gets loaded the first time. After that, the feedback message never comes.

The condition in which the message is supposed to be shown is always true but it comes only once. Verified this by debugging the application.

There is no error in Service Center or the console when the feedback message doesnt come 2nd time onwards

Hi Akhilesh,

Assuming you are talking about a Web App, for a feedback message to appear you need two things:

  1. The RichWidget Feedback_Message Web Block must be somewhere on the page. Typically, it is part of the Theme's Layout you are using.
  2. The RichWidget Feedback_Message Action must be called. If you call the Feedback_Message action, and there's a Feedback_Message Web Block present on the current page, and you have specified a non-empty Text for the message, the feedback message will be shown.

Looking at your description of the problem, I'm not sure I understand what your code does. Do you have a Feedback_Message in the Preperation? When is the message supposed to appear?

Hi Kilian,
The Feedback_Message is not present in the preparation. What I mean to say is, when I click on the button/link, I get the feedback message only once. 

That means the richwidget web block is present and the action executes as expected.

However, if I dont refresh the page, and click on the link/button again, I dont get the feedback message. The action does get executed because it gets hit while debugging. There is no error in service center logs or on console

Hi Akhilesh,

So if you are debugging, the Feedback_Message is executed with a non-zero length Text, but you do not see a message appearing, right?

Yes thats right Kilian

That seems really weird, I have never encountered something like that. Can you share the OML or some images showing the logic?

Attaching a pdf with the images and explanation

Hi Akhilesh,

This all seems pretty straightforward, so the only thing I could think off is that the RichWidget Feedback_Message Web Block is somehow not rendered - is it inside an IF widget by any chance?

Exactly what we thought. But it is not inside an IF widget. Like I said, when I debug, the debugger does go to the Feedback_Message action. However, it is not rendered on the browser

Well, if you don't have a Feedback_Message widget, the Feedback_Message action doesn't do anything. But I admit it was a longshot. Without the actual OML there's little I can do anmymore...