Hey guys,

I'm working on an issue in which I have to embed a PDF on a page with a couple of table records.

I was able to do it with no problems using the <embed> or the <iframe> in a web block for example.

The thing is that when I open a Popup and drag it over the embedded pdf the popup gets kinda messy. Here is an image to describe it:

Is there anything that I can do to fix this? Can I embed the PDF in a better way? 

Thanks in advance guys and cheers,

Vincent Colpa

Not sure if I see the problem, but do know that a popup is also a iframe.

so you have iframe over an iframe and that might cause issues.

perhaps fiddle with z-indexes.

otherwise I have no clue, perhaps generate images of the pdf?

or don;t use popups ;)

I agree with J.
For such a "complex" scenario, I would say that using a Popup is a terrible idea.
Use a screen instead and show the PDF in the screen itself. Even if you need to navigate to another screen, the experience will be much better.
Popups should be used to show small amount of information only.

Eduardo Jauch