Load a web screen as an output of a REST POST call


I am using Alexa to control the movement of pages on a web application. Essentially, I have a POST Endpoint that Alexa hits, where it returns a success message after delivering the intent (gotonextpage, gotohome, goback etc).

Now, my question is how do I create an action that will open that particular web page (assuming that my application is now running). 


You can't navigate to a page from a Server Action.

From a Screen Action, you can use a Destination widget, or an External URL widget, if you have the page address.


Thanks Eduardo - in your opinion, is there a way around this? 

HTTPRequestHandler module has some methods that can help get a page (HTML), using GET, POST, etc.
But to show the page, in browser, no there isn't.
As far as I know.


Check this out: https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-voice-service - I think it fits your use case better than using an Alexa Skill.

I was experimenting something with user exceptions - which I would not recommend anyway - but since you are exposing a REST API the module's Exception Handler will not catch any exception.

Besides that you, have to know where your user is in the app in order to control navigation and an Alexa skill is probably not the easiest or safest way to do it.