Got an error log "QueueExceedMaximumSize for Extension log"

Getting an error log 

QueueExceedMaximumSize for Extension log

What is the cause of this error log.


Sowvik Roy

Hi Sowvik,

Check if this other post helps you

Is about other queue but the solution should be the same.




Hi Sowvik,

This is normally caused by bad performance, somehow the logs that are in the Message Queue are not being written to the database within the appropriated time, so the Queue is hitting its limit.

As workaround, if you have a OutSystems installation on Premises you can increase temporally the Queue Limit:

It's recommended to set to the default value, once the issue is over-passed.

Following the recommendation of João Rosaso in the Post indicated by Marcelo:

I recommend you to open a Support Ticket. They will be able to help you clear the queue that is full and identify if there is a platform issue causing it.

Note: For your case the Queue would be the extension log and not the integration log, as indicated in the image.

Other option if you are not interested in this log, you can disable it for all extensions:

Hope it helps you.