Running an app as a mobile service

Hi everybody !

I am pretty new to Outsystems... Everything looks amazing, for the moment...

I want to build a mobile app that is launching an android (and iOS , if possible, too) service that monitors GeoLocation sensor of the mobile device and triggers some events in certain conditions.

I tried to find an example on how to build an Android Service that communicates with an App that has a simple interface for controlling the settings of the service, but I couldn't find anything yet.

I need to know if this can or cannot be realised with outsystems, orelse I wouldn't invest my time in learning this new environment. Any exemaples, suggestiions or documentation refferences on how to do this will be highly appreciated.

Tx in advance, Cotiso

Hi Cotiso,

The OutSystems Platform is great for building mobile apps, but it has its limitations. Since OS mobile apps are hybrid apps, using Cordova Plugins to communicate with the hardware and handling the UI with HTML and JavaScript, there are limits to what they can do. Depending on your exact idea, you may have hit such a limit - but read on.

The Geofence Plugin allows you to do two things: the first is issue a notification on the device, which you can use to deeplink back to the app - this works even if the app is not active. The second is to send an event to the app e.g. to display relevant information, but for this to work the app must be active.

So it depends a bit on your exact idea whether it will work or not.

Hi Kilian,

Tx for the fast input.

I would rather go in the first direction. The app I have in mind is more of a tracker to send to a central DB  only the geofencing events. 

So, if you can provide more info on the deeplink idea, it would be great !


Hi Cotiso,

Well, deeplinking, as far as I understand it (for details I'd have to consult my collegues who worked on a project involving it), allows you to start the app manually when clicking on a notification. But I think the big stumbling block that my collegues encountered is exactly that, it's not possible to send information to a central (OutSystems) database when the app isn't active.

Tx Kilian.

Starting from your input, I've found this:

I've also created a support ticket to OutSystems on this matter...

In case you have additional info or suggestions from your colleagues, that will help big time !