OnChange on a Select Widget

OnChange on a Select Widget


I have a Combo Box with Extended Property onchange. When Some user's try to choose an element on that list, the combo box doesn't open and they can't choose a value from that combo box
But other user's can open the list and choose a value from that.

How can I resolve this?

Is the combobox grayed out? Check the Enabled property. If it's False, the combobox will not be editable, as you described.

But Enabled property is true.
And this situation just happen's with some user's.

Hi Ana

Check your RecordList that populate that ComboBox.

Are you using some kind of preparation action that executes your query depending on user permissions?

Check that and give feedback.

Best regards
Hi Ricardo.

There is no difference between checkpermissions in different user's.
It's possible that exists any problem with some option browser, relationated with javascript?

Hum...I don't know the answer, but debug your application and check this:
. which users have the problem
. which screens call the screen (if parameters are passed on)

...and verify all the possible behaviours.

Good work!

This problem pesists.

More details about this:

I have same browser(image1) version that other user has(image2): 6.0.2900.2180.

I developed 3 screen's, about one year ago with combo box's. These combo box's have a extended propertie "onchange", that provoques a "onclick" in a button.

In 2 of these 3 screen's, the user cannot make the onchange event, because when he click's on the combo box to select a value, the combo boxes closes.
This user is testing in our's pre production application. But I don't have problem's with this 2 screen's.
In this 2 screen's it was add 2 expressions.

This 2 screen's are in production and both of us, don't have any problem's.

There is another thir screen with a combo box, in pre production, and don't presents any problem for any of us.

Can you help me with this?