Local Storage - Access Protocol

Hi there,

As said in this picture that all server resources (data/entity, server logic, processes) are accessed byJavascript which locates in the device asynchronously using fast REST calls protocol which then respond sent back from server to client in the format JSON.  

The data is stored either in the server or local storage. My question is how the mechanism/protocol used to fetch data in the local storage. I think it is Javascript's task also that use Javascript API, something like this? Is it local fast REST calls or else? 

Thank you.



Hi Indra,

As the image you pasted depicts, fast REST calls are only used for server calls, everything else is handled directly on the device. Can I ask why is the Local Storage implementation relevant to your application?

Hi Jorge,

I just want to prepare myself because sometimes when i go to a client for a project, they ask me everything... it includes the protocol i ask above. 



I suggest you inspect the generated JavaScript for your application then ;)

In any case, your OutSystems Mobile Apps will be using Web SQL storage to store Local Storage Entities, not the HTML5's Web Storage.