"Remember Login" Problem


I'm creating the "Remember Login" aka "persistent Login" in an eSpace. I created a checkbox and associated it's variable with the one that's sent in the Login action. I think this is it, but the persistent Login isn't working.

I check and this eSpace is using the "login_WithCookie" action from the EnterpriseManager. I need to do something with the cookie ou is there something else to do besides associate the checkbox variable with the login?
José Martins
Hi José,

From you description it sounds like you are doing it right. Be aware however that:

1) Login and persistence information are different from public and private areas (e.g. http://server/app vs http://server/app/usr)

2) The persistence flag is reset if you do an explicit logout

3 ) If the same user tries remembering the password using different browsers (e.g. Firefox and IE) only the last browser used will be able to login automatically.

Tiago Simões