Every day, when I download my espace from the server, I get this erro in several Querys, variables, and pretty much everything in a specific web page.

Then, I have to delete those queries and variables, define new ones, and everything is ok.... till next day!

Does anyone knows why does this happen? Anyone with a similar problem?

Thank's in advance,

Best Regards,


I have that problem sometimes, to solve it i go to the espace properties and change any property and change the value again to the old one. After that when verify the espace there's no error.
I'am using the version 4.1.55 and now i don't have that problem.

Nelson Inácio
The version you refer to is of Service Center, right?
My service studio version is and all other programs to, i have installed the outsystems express edition
Ok, thank's!

Hope tomorrow everything is ok!

Well, it didn't work.

As soon as I made the first change to that screen, everything turned into unkown object.

Any ideas?