Component version in use

How does one actually check the version number of a (mobile) component in use? For example: I am using OneSignal plugin component in my mobile app, but I am not sure which version it is and if it is the latest stable. How do I find out which version my app is using?

Hi Dennis,

Could you perhaps elaborate a little more on your question?
Do you want to know which version you have installed in the environment and if this is the most recent version from the Forge? Or do you want to see the version in the application at runtime?

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken

The former.  Which version is installed. Thanks


Hi Denis,

It depends how the component is built.

Some Forge components like the Discovery, have the respective Forge version in the header, some in the eSpace description.

However OneSignal doesn't have any mention about the respective Forge version in the eSpace. This way, the only way for you to know it to compare the eSpace manually (Download the version from the forge and compare the eSpace with your installed version).

Hope it helps you.


Thanks Daniel. I find that a real weakness in the component approach. Version numbers should be easy to assess and there should also be an easy way to know which components should be updated.