Email Services as Spam

Email Services as Spam


I'm using Email Services to sen d emails, but several users of the application are not receiving those emails. This happens with several SMTP servers (I've tried both and my customer's smtp server).

I've done some test with several email accounts (hotmail, gmail, sapo) and they all worked. But I tried to send to my company's email ant it was considered spam.

The email boxes that are not receiving are some private accounts (like, and general too (gmail hotmail, sapo).

Is it possible that they are not receiving due to being considered spam? How can I overcome that problem?

I came up with aonther problem. My app allows users to upload files. And we have been registering that with some large files (probably due to lack of bandwith form the end-user) the operation times out. Is it possible to extend the operation time out?

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