Login persistense

How much time in mobile the user is registered ?

I'm not positive, but it seems to me that it does not time out.  I've installed a number of test applications... and updated them... and the login persists.

This is for both Mobile and Web... you've not mentioned which you're asking about.

I had to have my Personal Environment reset recently so I believe that triggered a login process across my test Web apps.

Once logged into a Mobile aoo, the login persists.  If I remove the app and re-install, I must login in again.


Hi Filipe,

These two topics in the documentation can help you understand how mobile authentication works and how to adjust the behaviour to your needs.

  • Configure Mobile App Authentication - What types of Authentication are available, how they each behave and how you can configure them (per environment)
  • Persistent Login - How to use Persistent vs. Session Logins (Persistent is the default in all of the SilkUI templates)

From the first link you'll learn that, by default, Persistent Login:

  • lasts for 365 days without the app communicating with the server;
  • the app needs to communicate with the server at least once every 30 days, or the user will need to login again for the app to be able to communicate with the server again.

And, when using a Session Login, if the app doesn't access the server for 30 minutes (or the user closes the app), the user will also be required to login again.