How to submit runtime errors to OutSystems Technical Support

How to submit runtime errors to OutSystems Technical Support

A runtime error is an error that occurs when running an application, for instance, when going to a web page.
Besides errors in web pages, other runtime errors may occur when accessing mobile web pages, interactive SMS applications, web services or running timers.

When you get a runtime error in your OutSystems Hub Edition application, you can find where the error occurred in your eSpace just by looking at the error stack trace.
In there you'll find the names of the objects you've created in OutSystems Service Studio.

If you don't discover right away an application problem (for instance an Advanced Query with bad SQL syntax or an error in a custom made C# extension) and you think it can be an issue in OutSystems Hub Edition platform, you should go to Service Center navigate to the Logs page, select "Errors" in the Log Type dropdown to find the error.

After finding the error you're looking for, select the Details button and then click Submit issue.

You'll be contacted by OutSystems Technical Support as soon as possible, with the explanation of the error, a quick workaround or an application correction suggestion, and, if it's really an OutSystems Hub Edition platform issue, a revision that fixes it will quickly be available.

This way, with your helpful feedback, it will be possible to keep the Total Customer Satisfaction goal we hold at OutSystems, and raise even higher the High Product Quality we're known for.