Basic Noob question about AD

Do individual users need to be set up in outsystems if you are using Active Directory to authenticate?

The only time I used AD in OS, we had a daily job to copy all the users. Even Integrated Authentication may log in the users, but won't give them the right Roles without some information on the OS side. For most of the foreign keys, you use a userid instead of a username.

I walked down memory lane and apparently, that is the recommended procedure. LDAP copies the users for OutSystems to use:

Checking the documentation:

When the user submits the credentials:

  1. The credentials are validated against the OutSystems Platform database;
  2. If the platform is configured to authenticate using Active Directory, the credentials are validated against the domain server configured;
  3. If the platform is configured to authenticate using LDAP, the credentials are validated against the LDAP server configured.

Credentials as in password. Not user existence. You could set a different password in OS than the one from AD and it would be valid until the 

Hello Andrew,

You should be able to use Active Directory without having to create individual users first. 

Here is documentation for OutSystems 10:

Just to mention these are about the end-users of your app. There is also management of the users in terms of your development team.

In the documentation it states "requires the front-end server to be part of the Active Directory domain."

How do I check to see if this is enabled?

Hi Andrew,

One of the possible techniques to find the domain a computer belongs to is to run the following command-line:

systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"Domain"

I believe that it is also possible that, instead of having the front-end server in the Active Directory domain, you may also establish a trust relationship between the two domains.