URGENT: Calendar Widget is not in the Toolbox

URGENT: Calendar Widget is not in the Toolbox


In my toolbox have no calendar widget. I want to use it. How do I do?.


Hi Charn,

If it's not in the toolbox, you should go to Manage Dependencies and search for it. 

If it's the silkui one you can select it from the WebPatterns:

If it's from the Richwidgets then do search for RichWidgets instead of the "webpatterns".

Then select it and it will show up in the toolbox.




Helo, José

I can't find WebPatterns and I also can't find the calendar even in the RichWidgets. Any solutions?

Which one in the Forge I have to install?


Hi Raditya,

You have to install the SilkUI Web from Forge:


And you should have some SilkUi template also installed: Lisbon, Dublin,...



Hello José,

I couldn't find it either. I've installed Lisabon, Dublin, Liverpool templates, but it doesn't show itself @ the dependencies (e.g. Richwidgets or WebPatterns) screen. 


Found it. For the people that can't find the calendar in the toolbox, you can find it @: MobilePatterns>Interaction>DEPRECATED_Calendar. Just simply drag and drop this block to your screen. 

I don't know why it's a block though...

Anyway, good luck!