I am using a deep link inside the eamil to open a screen to the mobile app but when i click in the link nothing happens.

my code is a link to an externalURL containng 

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what is wrong with this syntax ? How can i debug this situation?

Hi Filipe,

Are you working on a personal environment? 

I am not sure why but while i was testing i found out that i was only able to use deep linking in my clients environment, In my personal none of the apps opened correctly.

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Francisco Freire.

Im not sure what im understand by personal and client environment

Filipe Lourenço wrote:

Im not sure what im understand by personal and client environment

Personal environment is in an address ___.outsystemscloud.com. Client is ___.outsystemsenterprise.com or other domains.

Hello Filipe,

Could it be that your app identifier contains upper characters? A colleague of mine is also having trouble with the deep links, it looks like there is a bug (somewhere) but he's still checking it out with support. He could find out that in some cases with upper characters in the app identifier name it doesn't work.

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Hi Evert. No i have changed the app id to lowercase and the link doesn't open anything

Be carefull that changing app identifier for app that is already in the stores makes a new store app.

I will check with my colleague this afternoon, maybe he knows something.

Kind regards,

Yes i have notice that but i am in the development mode

I am currently working on a similar functionality for my mobile app. The idea is to create a URL that can be shared with any application/native mobile app and can also be used to open the mobile app or otherwise refer to another URL or app store/play store. The mobile deeplink you are using has the format: 


For the moment I found that when I use this deeplink in e-mail or other mobile apps, the deeplink format is not always recognized as a proper link. Another problem with these deeplinks is that they only open a specific mobile app and do nothing if the app is not installed.

Therefore, I am using another approach now called deferred deeplinking. Basically, you create a normal https:// URL that is recognized by all web applications and mobile apps. This URL links to a Redirect page with some Javascript to detect your current browser, open the mobile app via a mobile deeplink or if the app is not installed redirect to another URL or iOS App store or Google play store. OutSystems uses a similar approach in OutsystemsNow to open apps in OS Now. Javascript is based on: http://aawaara.com/post/88310470252/smallest-piece-of-code-thats-going-to-change-the

On my Android device I got it to open the app with this adjustment:
var g_intent = "intent://scan/#Intent;scheme=<appidentifier>;end";

I am still working on it, but will try to create a generic Forge component if I'm finished. And maybe this will also help you. 

Hello Filipe,

Did you figure out how to solve your issue?
Does your testing mobile device use Chrome as the default browser? You could try using Android Intents.
Check out this updated mobile deep links FAQ.