Invalid login or password


I'm trying to install the Hub Server I followed the steps in the ‘OutSystemsHubEditionInstallationandAdministrationGuide.pdf’ but in the end I get an 'Invalid login or password' when I try to login in the Service Center (using the HubAdmin user created via the Hub Server Configuration panel).

Btw, during the execution of the ‘SetupHubState.sql’ I got the following errors:
- Server: Msg 15023, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_grantdbaccess, Line 126
- Warning: Non-existent step referenced by @on_success_step_id.

I’m using XP Pro (SP1 + latest updates), IIS 5.1, SQL Server Desktop Engine 2000 Release A, plus the other updates and needed stuff listed in ‘Installation Checklist.mht’.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Rodrigo Castelo
The HubAdmin should be a user created in SQL server to be used by OutSystems Hub Edition, it is not a Service Center user. Service Center is initialized with only one user "admin" with the same password. On first login administrators will be prompted to change this password.
Hope this helps.

Yes, it did help. Thanks!

I've installed hub server as explained in 'Installation Checklist'. I use windows xp sp2. when i try to login, a message of invalid login or password appears. it is the first time i try to login, using admin as username and password. No errors appeared while running SCInstall.bat.

Is there any possibility of creating a new user, or making sure this admin user really exists?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Paulo

Are you using Hub Server 4.0.1? If so, under Windows XP SP2, its possible that the Service Center Bootstrap didn't run.

First check if that's the case, by checking the existent rows in the ossys_user table. Since it's a first install and if the SC Bootstrap didn't run, then it should be an empty table.

Under this assumption, set your browser URL to http://localhost/ServiceCenter/Bootstrap.aspx and execute it. It should appear the message "Bootstrap ok".

Try login into Service Center again using the admin credentials.

Hope this helps.


Miguel João
Your assumptions were right. I'm using Hub server 4.0.1, and my ossys_user table was empty.

I ran bootstrap and login works just fine.

Thanks a lot Miguel.