combobox related

i am assigning  combo-box a local variable list and i have assigned a local variable to set its values. In preparation i am appending that list and assigning that variable. when i see in UI , i found 2 duplicate value. one which is assigned as variable initially and second when in that list. why it is happening so?

Hello Lovish,

There is no "duplicated" value in your list.
What you are seeing is the ACTUAL selected value in the input, and the list with available values in the list (that contains the selected value).

This is the normal behavior of the Combo Box.


Jello Lovish,

This is as expected right?

The value assigned to the variable is the 'selected value from the list, shown in the combobox as the selected value', This value is also an option in the list so when clicked on the combobox, the value will exist in the list of possible option.

Hope this explains it for you?

Kind regards,

Hi Lovish, this is the normal behaviour of a combo box. You see the value showing up in the list because it is an item in the list. You also see it in the combo box input because it is the value chosen at the moment. If you change the value chosen, you will see that new value chosen in the combo box input and you will also see it in the list.

The combo box in outsystems is translated into a <select> tag in HTML and the <select> tag just works like that. See a plain HTML example of it here.