User Registration Flow Web How To Use

Title basically says it all.

I have the User Registration Flow Web from the forge  installed into my module.  

But now how do I actually get the thing into a web page and working?  I'm guessing I have to do something with these Web Blocks, but if I create a new web screen and try some drag and drops, nothing seems to be happening.

I have a feeling this should be really simple but I'm clearly doing something wrong.


Could you explain what is not happening?

Simply dragging and dropping will probably not be enough?

What do you see?

Dunno if there are comments in the demo-oml (if there is one)

But the bigger issue seems to be that even copying the UI flow and opening the Web Screen, the entire thing is up at the top of my screen with parts of the widget chopped off. Nothing like the nice centered User Registration info on the sample page.  Looks great but if I copy it to my module it seems to all fall apart in the layout.

I am using Lisbon theme.

Funny thing if I upload and open the webpage, it actually looks OK online.  But it is completely off in the Service Studio.  In Service Studio everything above username is chopped off.

Attached how the page looks in the sample module, and how it looks when I copy everything to my module.

Perhaps I can just replicate the logic myself, but I am no expert at user registration, authentication etc and am concerned about making mistakes.


Which Lisbon layout are you using for the page? The layout that is used will have an impact on the display within ServiceStudio and in the browser.

Lisbon requires the relevant layout to be used in the correct order to achieve a look.