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I think that since I installed service studio that everytime when I upload my espace and use the automatic button to load my application in service studio the espace get's started in an existing open IE window. This used to be in a new IE window. I'm not 100% sure that this is only since the new service studio but I think it is. It is very annoying that the espace get's started in one of my existing open IE windows cause I have another website open here, for example service center. I hope that this wasn't done on purpose and will not continue to work like this in future releases.

Hi Jan,

Due to changes in the security settings enforced by the new Windows XP SP2, our old method of launching the application from Service Studio was now being blocked by the OS.

We had to revert to a much more conservative implementation to keep Windows happy that, unfortunately, always reuses an instance of IE if one is present.

We are in the process of trying to find if there is a third (and better) way of doing this but until we do, we have to keep this approach for the sake of people who have installed SP2. I am sure you understand.

Best regards,

I understand, we all suffer from the XP Service pack 2 :) . Good luck on finding a third solution.