[Test Framework] Unit Testing Framework gives a 404

[Test Framework] Unit Testing Framework gives a 404

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Published on 26 Mar by Indigo Leap
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Published on 26 Mar by Indigo Leap

The Test Framework dashboard looks realy nice. We like to use this tool to run our existing Unit Testing Framework (soap) tests. 

I've created a new test case and imported the Unit Testing Framework test from the test eSpace url.The test cases are correctly imported in the Testing Framework. 

When i run the test all cases give a 404 error.

I've installed the TestFramework_Probe and the tests are correctly imported. Only running the tests gives a 404. 

What can cause this problem?

Hello Ben van der Linden,

Sorry for the late reply. 

During the upcoming week we will be certifying a new version of the Test Framework, therefore we plan to have it published into the forge late next week.

I will let you know when we have it plublished.

Thank you

Hi guys,

First of all, great work with the Test Framework application.

I'm writing this because I had to change your module TestFramework_Core to properly run HTTPPost requests. I saw that the Content_Type field was hardcoded with "text/plain", but the ContentType was already being passed by the REST_HeaderBuild3 action as "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" (please see the attached screenshot).

Please take this into consideration on your next release.

Kind regards,

Pedro Pinto