Hi there,

I'm creating a downloadable word doc, generated from clicking a button with the logic behind it.

The word doc will be a report which will be pre-populated with answers entered into the server. The issue is that we have several question categories and want to have a separate table of questions populated with answers for each category. However, we want the document to be dynamic as the user has the option to add several categories within the server themselves; therefore when a new category is created within the server, we want that to be incorporated into the report. Is this possible to be done in word or does it have to be done in a downloadable PDF?

To summarise the issue:
in the downloadable word doc - is it possible to have separate tables with questions and answers for EACH question category whilst having the dynamic function that will allow the user themselves to add a NEW category within the server which will then appear within the report AS A SEPARATE TABLE below the other pre-existing categories.

Hopefully that is fairly clear. 


Hi Kishan,

I fail to see what this has to do with OutSystems in any way. Can you please explain what you already have created (in OutSystems), and what tooling you are using for creating the Word document?