Tip: How to free up DB space by deleting deprecated eSpace versions

It is possible to quickly claim back database space, by discarding old versions of your eSpaces from the server. To do this, simply go to the eSpace List screen on your Service Center and press the button "Prune Old eSpace Versions" at the bottom of the list (you need to be a Service Center Manager to do this).

Service Center will present you a list of all the eSpace Versions that conform to the following rules:

- Have been uploaded over 30 days ago AND
- Were replaced by a newer version within 2 days of being uploading AND
- Are not the currently running version

You are then given the option of deleting these versions (in batches of 100 per screen). The conditions above effectively read in freeform English as "delete old versions that were obviously short-spanned in life (probably development versions) and are not the one users access at the moment".