Production and development versions of an external database

Can anyone share their experience of using both a production and development version of an external database?  I have the following architecture:

  1. MySql Database
  2. Extension created using the Integration Studio that wraps the database entities.
  3. Core module with the database extension imported and wrapping entity business rules.
  4. Web module and mobile module based on the core module.

In a .NET app, I would simply change my database connection string to switch between a development and production database, but so far I don't see how I can do that for my architecture above.  It seems I have to create two extensions, one each based on the two databases.  This has several knock-on effects since now I need to swap out the extensions in the core module, which breaks nearly all of the aggregates.  Is there a simpler way to effective just change connection strings for an external database?

You can use this in order to have your Database connection settings properly stored:

@João Melo, thank you.  The section "Configure the Extension to Use a Database Connection" shows how to switch database server connections.  However I am still unable to switch databases within the database server using this method.  Even though I specify the database=xxx, the actual name of the database is required to be set in code within the extension.  I want to switch between two databases on the same server.  The only solution I see that might work would be creating two database servers and putting a database on each with the same name.  Therefore:

  • Desired:  Switch between ServerA.DatabaseA and ServerA.DatabaseB
  • Possible:  Switch between ServerA.DatabaseA and ServerB.DatabaseA.

However this requires I pay for another hosted database server.

Below is the working connection having the database specified, but the "database=" part seems to have no effect.