What are the best practices for application performance monitoring

Dear community,

I am looking for ways to monitor application performance. I have been looking into LifeTime Analytics and that tool is fine for having some highlevel insight based on average performance.

Let's say I would also like to check the performance of a particular webpage functionality. What is the best practice for doing that in OutSystems? 

Is there a tool for it? Or do we have to use LogMessage System Action to output "begin-end" timings and analyse it manually?

In the end we would like to have full stack performance monitoring with all metrics arranged in the same timeline. But let's start figuring out how to do it properly in OutSystems.



if you want to dive deeper, check the tables in system. there is a log_performance (on mobile not sure the exact name) that table is used to for the lifetime analytics.

i have built an app to actually see the details and can filter on applications with table.


Hello Henry,

OutSytems platform does provide some metrics about performance as you refer, but just the essential ones that are below a certain threshold. That is why not all metrics are available in Life Time (otherwise would be deteriorating the overall system performance).

Then, if you need an advanced performance monitoring metrics, you have to retrieve that information by yourself. You could use use the system logging action or build your own logging system.


Thank you both for your reply. 

We will check the "log_performance" table and see if we need to enrich it with our own logging.