How to highlight current page in pagination bar of outsystems overview screen

1. I want to highlight current selected page in pagination .

2. Can we change the styling of the pagination . 

How to get rid of the previous button


you can alter almost everything with styling and layouts, so please give a more explanation what you want to achieve and why you are not able to change it.

styling is simple css and the theme. there are courses on that specific for outsystems.

basic css understanding you can check the internet.

good luck

Thanks for responding but how can get id/control so that we can color it differently . 

Example - : If my overviw screen has multiple pages then how can get the handle of the selected button so that I can show as current page 

Hello Shailendra,

In can use the page menu to highlight current user page context. 

OutSystems helps you manage this, just provide to the menu web block, the identifier of the page you want (use the id of static entity with menu page names).

You can see more details on how to customize your header here:



Thanks for the help guys but now found way to fix it. We can override border  or styling f of span.ListNavigation_CurrentPageNumber