Which ports OS uses?

Which ports OS uses?


I'm installing Outsystems Hub Server on a new server. After completion of the installation, everything works (seems to, at least...) inside the server. I can open Service Studio, and everything looks nice! :)
However, trying to access from an outer browser, the connection is refused, stating that Service Center is not installed.
I think the problem relates to security... The ports are closed... Can you tell me which ports should I open so I can access Service Center?


Fernando Dias
Hi Fernando,
Service Center, like all other eSpaces, uses the standard HTTP port 80. One thing that caught my eye in your post is that you mention Service Studio was installed but you never mention that you installed Service Center. Was that a typo or did you really not install Service Center ?

To install Service Center, you need to have configured the platform and afterwards simply run "scinstall.bat" in C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Hub Server\ (or wherever you installed Hub Server to).

For more detailed information on installing Service Center, please review the installation checklist that comes with the product as is located in the root of the download zip file.

Best regards,
Marco Cunha
Hi Marco!

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I installed everything according to the book... :)

In doc, I've seen some other port numbers, as 12000, 12001, 42424, 12003 and 13013, 13000, 12003 for SMS. Shouldn't those be opened either?

Hi Fernando,

Marco is away from the office today so I decided to answer myself.

The ports you mention are indeed related to the Hub Server workings, namely for communication between services. The choice to open or not each of those ports depends on the two services residing on the same machine or not: if they are both on the same machine then the communication is internal and you do not need to open the ports, otherwise you will need to open them for correct functioning. With this in mind, I'll go through the ports and explain their workings:

12000 - Communication with Deployment Controller service, always local. Leave closed
12001 - Communication with Deployment service, local in single-node installation. Open in multi-node installations
12002 - Communication with Scheduler service, always local. Leave closed
12003 - Communication with Log service, always local. Leave closed
12004 - Communication with SMS Connector, always local. Leave closed
13000 & 13013 - Communication with SMS Gateway, normally on a different machine. Open in this case
42424 - ASP.NET State service, normally not used. Leave as is.

Hope this helps.


Sure it helps, Miguel!



I have a problem related with service center. I try to install hub server in a machine with sharepoint, to service center work i have created a web site only to service center, he works perfectly the problem cames when i publish an oml, when i try to open it i got an 404 HTTP error. In IIS, i have noted that in default web site an application is created for each oml that i publish but in my web site, the one that i create, not.
How can i resolve it, if it is possible?

Best regards,
João Fonseca
Hi João,

In version 4.0 and bellow it is not possible to deploy to a web site other than the default web site, so you’ll have to use that one.

We're currently finishing a feature called selective deployment that will allow you to select to which server (or server cluster) you want to deploy your application to. You will be able, for instance, to have your internal applications running on the internal network and your websites running on a demilitarized zone. We’ll let you know more about this feature soon.

Tiago Simões

Can you tell me if the information in this post is still reliable (it dates 2005)?

I need to know which ports should be open in order to allow the communication between DMZ and save network servers.
Alexandra Carreira

The information is not completely correct. In multi-node installations, all ports must be opened between the controller and other nodes.

Also, in 4.1 the ASP.NET State service is never used as that configuration is no longer supported.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Hi all,

I would just like to add that these are default values and that they can be changed using the OutSystems Configuration Tool (serversetup.exe in the Service Center/Hub Server directory).

For more information check: http://www.outsystems.com/help/ConfigurationTool/4.1/

Tiago Simões
Which ports OS uses on Database Connections defined in Service Center?


Hi Eduardo,

The port for connecting to the external database will depend on the database you're connecting to.

However, if the default doesn't work, I believe you can set the port as well.

Read this post on the format of the string to do so.


Paulo Tavares