How to customize the time picker in mobile application


I have a time input field in my mobile application. while clicking the time selection field it shows the time selection popup as shown below.

can you help me to modify the time selection interval to have 10 minutes gap between the two





Hi Darsh,

Have you tried to set the step Attribute of the Input widget? I'm not sure about its resolution, but I would assume seconds, in which case you could set it to 600.

Hi Kilian Hekhuis,

                             Thanks for your response. I set the step Attribute but it's not working. 

Thank You,


Hi Darsh,

If that doesn't work, it's likely not possible to do what you want. But Google is your friend here, as it has little to do with the OutSystems platform.

Hi Killian Hekhuis,

                             Thank you for your reply. 



Hi Darsh, in case you didn't bump into a solution yet, you could try to make use of the skwas-cordova-plugin-datetimepicker cordova plugin. This plugin can be configured by using the minuteInterval configuration option to set the interval steps in minutes, in your case 10 minutes. You also have to make sure that you choose a theme that shows the picker with spinners (e.g. Theme_DeviceDefault_Light).

Check here on how to integrate a cordova plugin into OutSystems. 

Check the BackgroundMode Plugin available in the Forge for an example of an integrated cordova plugin in OutSystems.

Hi Darsh,

Could you please tell me how did you manage to place the time picker in a list like the image you posted?

At the moment i'm making a mobile application and I need to have something like that but I'm struggling to find solutions to have a time picker with a "list" like that.

Many thanks in advance for your help.