[Bootstrap] Bootstrap Integration Compatibility to Outsystems 10

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Published on 2015-01-11 by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2015-01-11 by Guilherme Pereira


I would like to ask if this version is still compatible/working on latest version of Outsystems and are you still planning to update the Bootstrap Theme since the last version is still for outsystems 9.

We tried to follow the instructions on Bootstrap How To and implemented the Bootstrap Theme on Web Application (Default Template) but it doesn't look right.

I have thought of a workaround by using a bootstrap cdn and just use the classes of it. But I don't know the repercussion yet.

Please see the attached file for your reference.

Hi Christian,

Currently I have no plan of further updating the component in terms of functionality but the current version should open in outsystems 10 without problems.

From the screenshots i cannot understand what could be the problem. Can you share the module?

As for your workaround i also don’t know what could happen but my advice is to try. Nothing bad should come of it right?