Tip: Customising Hub Server error pages

Tip: Customising Hub Server error pages

When an error occurs accessing a deployed Hub Server application, the user is presented with a simple error message. The page shown contains the sentence

The page cannot be found. Please make sure you typed the URL correctly.

in the case of 404 errors and

There was an error processing your request. Please try again later...

on all other cases (like database problems, assembly compatibility issues or other internal application failures).

These pages can, however, be tailored to your particular needs (translation, embellishment to meet your company's look/colour scheme etc.). To do this, simply edit the files




respectively. Both paths are relative to your Hub Server installation directory. Please note that these pages are used by all applications running on that server: when you change them, all applications will display the updated pages.

If really needed, it is possible to have specific error pages for specific applications. To accomplish this, you could edit the Web.config file of your application and change the "redirect" attributes inside the customErrors element. You should note, however, that redeploying/re-publishing your application will overwrite these changes with its default settings.