Tip: Aid debugging by disabling Hub Server error pages

Tip: Aid debugging by disabling Hub Server error pages

Following from last week's tip on Hub Server error pages, comes this week's suggestion.

If an eSpace is having problems and you (as its developer) are not able to work locally on that machine, you will find that the valuable ASP.NET error report page will be masked by the platform's error pages (be that page stock or custom).

In this case, assuming you have access to the file system of the Hub node machine, you can temporarily comment out the <customErrors> element in the application's Web.config file for debugging purposes. This will cause remote accesses to display the ASP.NET error pages that include a wealth of information on what the problem is. In the case of a multi-node setup, you will need to comment these lines out on all nodes.

After you are finished troubleshooting the problem, don't forget to put these lines back, or your users will continue to receive this debug output. You can restore the original state either by uncommenting the <customErrors> tag back (on all nodes) or re-publishing the application.

For more info on error pages see