Hi Team,

I have an external database with an extension to setup the connection. It is working fine.

I have three questions regarding this architecture.

1. In the future, If I need to change the table structure, how can I update the changes easily?

(ex: adding new column, change a column type)

2. If I already have tables/lists using that particular table, will they crash after the change, and do I have to redo all?

3. Is Outsystems automatically importing the DB relationships like 1->many, many->many and

primary keys, foreign keys etc.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Dude,

1. It is always possible to change the structure in the extension (you can even create entire entities there). Don't know (never did) if the wizzard can "update" it.

2. If you add fields, no, but if you remove used fields, yes.

3. Relationships are defined through Foreign Keys. If you import tables with FK, the relationship is there.