Nokia N-Gage enconding


We have the Nokia N-Gage configured in the devicedb.patch file with the the preferredEncoding= iso8859-1.

However, we have noticed that if we make a Post (of a textbox within a form) of a string with portuguese characters, they are replace by dummy characters.
Changing the preferredEncoding to UTF-8 solves the portugueses characters problem.

However, do you know any limitations or restrictions of using the UTF-8 encoding instead of iso8859-1 with Nokia N-Gage?

Kind regards,
Nuno Araújo


The Nokia N-Gage preferred encoding configuration, was set to iso8859-1 because, with the UTF-8 encoding, we had some problems to display certain accentuated chars.

The bugs in terminal firmware are not uncommon, and depending on your application, you may be forced to choose between two configuration options, both with problems (in example: problems in display of accentuated chars vs problems in Post of a string, from a textbox, with portuguese characters). The best choice for your application may not be the default one, and then you need to customize the terminal configuration.

That's why the terminal information is organized in the devicedb.patch file, making it easy to be customized by each customer according to its needs.

Best regards
João Filipe Rodrigues