Move an entitie to a new modulo


How can I move an entitie from one modulo to other without losing data and in a easy way ? :)


Hi Alberto,

make the entity  in one module public and then manage dependency in other module.



Thanks Clown

...But thats isnt what I pretend. 

In fact in order to organize my modules, I pretend move it form one module to other. 

Thanks anyway!

Hi Alberto,

Have a look on Refactor ( It's not upgraded for the latest version but it might help you.


Thanks Ivo. I will try. However the instruções are not all very clear how to use the Refactor.   


   Usually I create the entity again in the new espace and I create an application to move the data. I really have not seem so many applications good for that and the good ones are payed.

Thanks Luciano. You sugestions seems to be that one I must implement, however I would like to have a easier way to do it.