SMS Gateway installation from scratch (OS included) - Guidelines for dummies

SMS Gateway installation from scratch (OS included) - Guidelines for dummies

These are major guidelines for a SMS Gateway installation from scratch (OS included):

1. OS installation
- We recommend to install Red Hat version 7.x because our Sms Gateway is packaged/built in this OS version. In newer versions (8, 9 or Fedora), incompatibility packages dependencies may occur. The next steps are for REDHAT 7.3. You can get OS iso images from
- In bios setup, check if the reboot sequence starts with cd-rom.
- Insert REDHAT disc 1 and reboot the machine.
- Install type: text mode. Type Text <enter>
- Language Support - English (USA) as default. Keyboard type must me changed according to your needs.
- Select "server mode".
- Have the installer automatically partition for you (recommended). If necessary remove all partitions
- Select "grub" as Boot Configuration Loader. No boot loader configuration.
- No Firewall.
- No additional languages.
- Package Group selection: unselect all.

2. Install SMS Gateway package dependencies:
- libxml2 2.4.22
- libxml2 development 2.4.22
- logrotate 3.5.2
- MySQL 3.23.52
- MySQL Client 3.23.52
- MySQL Devel 3.23.52
- Tcl 8.3.3

- If a newer version is installed don't force package installation.
- Check if MySQL is set to start in run level 3 (SMS Gateway will run in this level). Directory "/etc/rc.d/rc3.d" must have a file called, for example, "S90mysql". If not, rename the K... file to S... ("mv K90mysql S90mysql"). Run "init q" after.
- For GSM Modems, you must give access to COM1 and COM2 ports. Execute commands "chmod a+rw /dev/ttyS0" and "chmod a+rw /dev/ttyS1".
- If a older version is installed, you must analyze its dependencies and check if it is possible. For example, in REDHAT 7.3, packages libxml2 and libxml2-devel (depends on previous) need to be upgraded. The following commands shows how to overcome this dependencies
rpm -e libxml2-devel
rpm -U libxml2-2.4.22-1.i386.rpm
rpm -i libxml2-devel-2.4.22-1.i386.rpm

3. Install SMS Gateway package

4. Validate the SMS settings in /etc/smsgateway.conf.

Some help tips:
Access to cd drive: "mount /mnt/cdrom" and "cd /cdrom"
Command "init q" restarts current run level (it uploads new settings for this level)
Install packages command (*.rpm) : "rpm -i package_name.rpm". See "rpm --help"
Use "rpm -q package_name" to query what package version is installed. Example: "rpm -q MySql"
Run command "updatedb". This is needed for command "locate" that displays all files locations based on a search string

Paulo Silva

In version 9 all this is done, rigth?
All that is need to do is to provide the gateway parameters, is this correct?
As far as I can tell, you still need to do this.

SMS is VERY difficult to maintain. My suggestion is to integrate with Twilio ( It is easy to do the integration and much, much easier than maintaining an SMS gateway.

I agree with Justin, it's easier to integrate with a 3rd party gateway such as twillio, clickatell, nexmo etc