Using site properties for REST services


I have an app with various REST integrations. I am using 3 environments, DEV, UAT and PROD. I have a different Base URL, Username and Password for the same REST service on each environment. The platform will not allow me to use site properties to assign the Base URL, Username and Password so that it remains unique for each environment. Each time I do a deploy from one environment to the next  I have to log into the new enviroment, update the URL, username and password, publish the app and update all the references. Then when I want to deploy the next time the deployment fail because there are "hot fixes"  that haven't been propagated backwards. This is becoming a vicious circle.

How can I set the URL, Password and username so that it is not being overwritten when I deploy between environments?



Hi Vonnelize,

You can go to Service Center > Your App > Integrations -> set an effective URL there, that will override the previous one.

Hope it helps

Thanks for the quick response!