Testing an app on UAT - limitations

Hi Everyone,

We are currently on a paid licence with Outsystems, and have 3x environments (DEV, UAT and PROD)

Our team are currently developing a mobile app and we have a couple of questions around testing. 

1. Would we be able to develop and distribute the app from our UAT environments for testing, or does the app need to be deployed from our PROD environment? 

In terms of distribution we would be looking to distribute direct to users initially, but also would submit to the app stores to test the E2E process. Can this be done from UAT?

2. Are there any limitations (besides performance) of using UAT to host the app vs PROD?

Appreciate the help.

Many Thanks


Hello Tom,

Answering your questions:

1) Yes you can use the UAT environment. Regarding the app you can distribute it to a group of test users, using the program available on iTunes (TestFlight Beta testing).

2) Depends on the environment configuration that was established (when well configured can behave as if was in production)



Thanks good to know there are no restrictions!

Also appreciate the tip about itunes will check it out