Error on the P10 mobile app without enough information to troubleshoot


I have found an error cannot find where or does it really comes from, the information that comes with it is not enough to pint point where exactly is appearing. Does anyone know if there's information in the database that can help me finding out more information regarding this problem?

Attached are the excels of the Error Log and MobileRequestLog with the error "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.". 

Ok the error appears to be only some conversion problem but the information where it happens and that's triggering it is not enough.

If you need more information let me know.

Kind Regards

Carlos Seabra

Hello Carlos,

Were you able to solve this issue?
It is important to understand WHEN the error is happening.

Is in the loading of the application, or when you navigate to a screen?

It is possible that you are trying to use a field that is not a DateTime as one, or trying to use a format that is not recognized...