BPT - Taskbox per-eSpace basis

Hi Community,

I have two espaces (applications) and they implement BPT. The issue is that when one user login to an application, the tasks from other application are also shown up. Is it the right behavior? How if i want to restrict per application basis - only the tasks of the certain application are shown up?




hi MiP,

i think it is the correct behavior to show all tasks to the same user, although they are in different applications.




I find he same - cannot restrict the task box per application basis.



I also find this amusing. 

My client said it was confusing. 

The only workaround was not to give 2 bpt roles to 1 user.

Create separate user for each bpt app, which consuming more user license though... 

It's design decisions that profit Outsystems.

Just like the close on or start on in BPT require foreign key/static entities if you want to detect event.

Just boolean or even text should do the job fine to detect event. 

But Outsystems insists on foreign key/static entities, so even a simple boolean have to be created as static entity (yes/no value).

Hi Harlin,

That is indeed the behaviour of the EPA Taskbox. It's meant as a global taskbox for all activities a specific user has/can have assigned to him/her, so that, for instance, SLAs can be perceived in the global context of all the work the user has.

You can disable the EPA Taskbox for your applications and implement an application-specific inbox/taskbox, as the Platform exposes thorough APIs (BPT API, EPA TaskBox API) and allows direct access to the meta-model for BPT (definition and instance Entities for all concepts of Business Processes):

  • You can see here an interesting discussion on the subject, including sample modules.
  • You also have an entire course on BPT I'd recommend you go through... it includes some extra materials at the end, one of them on a Custom Taskbox.

As for BPT events, if I'm not mistaken they are implemented by triggers in the database, so it requires regular Entities (and would not work with Static Entities that will not get created/modified/deleted at runtime).

Hope this helps

Hi Jorge, 

Static Entity Reference Identifier was selectable on Close On / Start On event trigger.

As for using database trigger to implement BPT, I cannot see why it cannot detect changes in boolean or text column.

I used Oracle database heavily (almost 20 years experience), and database triggers are not in any way restrict only on foreign key.