[Custom Input Masks] Issues with min/max with the numeric masks
Forge component by Sara Gonçalves

It's blowing up in the JavaScript, and it seems absolutely sensible that it's blowing up in the JavaScript.

In the OSPage_InputMaskNumber function, it is exploding because unmaskedValue is undefined and therefore has no replace function:

maskOpts = $.extend(maskOpts, {groupSeparator: groupSep, autoGroup: true,
    onUnMask: function(maskedValue, unmaskedValue){
                    if(decimalSep != "."){ return unmaskedValue.replace(/\./g, "").replace(/,/g, ".");
                    } else{ return unmaskedValue.replace(/,/g, "").replace(/'/g, "");}

It seems to be being called rather directly with an explicit undefined value in onBeforeWrite in MaskPlugin:

case "checkval":
                            var unmasked;
                            if (function(opts) {
                                opts.parseMinMaxOptions === undefined && (null !== opts.min && (opts.min = opts.min.toString().replace(new RegExp(Inputmask.escapeRegex(opts.groupSeparator),"g"), ""),
                                "," === opts.radixPoint && (opts.min = opts.min.replace(opts.radixPoint, ".")),
                                opts.min = isFinite(opts.min) ? parseFloat(opts.min) : NaN,
                                isNaN(opts.min) && (opts.min = Number.MIN_VALUE)),
                                null !== opts.max && (opts.max = opts.max.toString().replace(new RegExp(Inputmask.escapeRegex(opts.groupSeparator),"g"), ""),
                                "," === opts.radixPoint && (opts.max = opts.max.replace(opts.radixPoint, ".")),
                                opts.max = isFinite(opts.max) ? parseFloat(opts.max) : NaN,
                                isNaN(opts.max) && (opts.max = Number.MAX_VALUE)),
                                opts.parseMinMaxOptions = "done");
                            null !== opts.min || null !== opts.max) {
                                if (unmasked = opts.onUnMask(buffer.join(""), undefined, $.extend({}, opts, {
                                    unmaskAsNumber: !0

The code triggers because we have a min and a max set.

So... did onUnMask means to refer to maskedValue instead, or is the opts.onUnMask function inappropriately calling with the unmaskedValue as undefined?

This is our option set, FWIW:

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

{clearMaskOnLostFocus: false, allowMinus:false, min: 0, max: 69, suffix: ""%"", unmaskAsNumber: true}

-- Ritchie Annand

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